The founders of this company knew that there were no great house slippers on the market. They wanted to solve that problem by creating a slipper so amazing it could be worn to a club. The problem was, they did not know where to start. They didn't have a name, an ethos, product features or anything. They just had a shoe designer with a contact in China.


There were tons of ugly hose slippers on the market. Why did the world need a beautiful option? This company needed a reason for being, a "why". The product needed tangible features that drove home the truth and authenticity of this reason for being. And since this brand was going to launch on Kickstarter, all of it had to sing beautifully together and flow into a nice video to encourage people to back the project. Simply, it needed to have talk value to see the light of day.


First we came up with the notion of High-Performance Relaxation. Ugly slipper feel cozy, but do really feel comfortable wearing those ugly things?

Second we leaned into meditation and got inspired by the creation of time. "If you don't have time to meditate for 10 minutes, meditate for an hour."

Then we wanted to land this whole things with product features not found anywhere else. Scroll down to see our yoga mat insoles and more.

Three variations of TI:ME Slippers featuring yoga mat insoles


Wear them as a traditional slipper, or flip the heel up for a more secure fit

man relaxing and wearing TI:ME Slippers


No tying necessary. Laces stretch and expand so you can slip on with ease.


Cushioning that’s designed to be zen under pressure.

Yoga Mat Insoles


Butter soft, supple and totally flexible. It’s the same leather used in high-end golf gloves to give your feet the freedom they need for high-performance relaxation