A team of seasoned entrepreneurs wanted to create a meaningful biotech and CPG brand that can span both psychedelic and medicinal medicines derived from mushrooms. The brand also needed to make sense of the name "Kapoose Creek" - 320 acres of remote rain forest where thousands of never before seen mushrooms grow.


This project started with a ton of research to fully understand the clinical side of psychedelic mushrooms. And more importantly what made this team, and this land, and this project so unique and worth paying attention.


A beautiful investment presentation that helped raise $20mm.

A CPG brand developed to retail at drug stores like CVS or Walgreens to bring mushroom therapies to the world.

Billboard campaign. Teaser videos. Product development. Website.

Advertisement for psychedelic mushrooms
doctor holding a mushroom
A psilocybin nasal spray Hero's Journey home-kit
Turkey Tail Immunity SprayReshi GummiesNasal Spray
Beautiful Asian woman drinking tea